Jimmy's Python Pages

This page is a collection of various Python goodies I've created. Everything here is covered by the MIT License. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback by sending email to jimmy@retzlaff.com.

EasyDialogs for Windows 46691.0 - a lightweight port of the Macintosh EasyDialogs module
pyUnRAR 1.0 - a module that wraps the free UnRAR.dll.
X10 FireCracker Module for Python 1.0 - a module for turning electrical devices on/off
wxPython AGG Device Context Proof of Concept - using Anti-Grain Geometry in wxPython

X10 FireCracker Module for Python 1.0

Download - extract and place x10.py where your script can find it.

Requires: Any platform with Python 2.3 and pySerial 2.0. It might run on older versions but I haven't tested it. It has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Mandrake 10 (thanks to Michael Kent).

This is a module for sending X10 commands via a FireCracker Computer Interface (CM17a). It can be called from Python code or used directly from the command line. Take a look at the docstrings for information on the format of the commands.

Here is an example of the command line interface on Windows:

C:\x10>x10.py com1 A1 On, A3 Off, A All Off, A Lamps On

And here it is being used from Python:

import x10

# Turn on module A1
>>> x10.sendCommands('com1', 'A1 On')

# Turn all modules with house code A off
>>> x10.sendCommands('com1', 'A All Off')

# Turn all lamp modules with house code B on
>>> x10.sendCommands('com1', 'B Lamps On')

# Turn on module A1 and dim it 3 steps, then brighten it 1 step
>>> x10.sendCommands('com1', 'A1 On, A Dim, A Dim, A Dim, A Bright')